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Adult Enrichment

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Duluth Community Education Advisory Council

What is the Community Education Advisory Council?

The Duluth Community Education Advisory Council is mandated by Minnesota state law to advise the Community Education department. The advisory council represents the citizens of our school district and those we serve through Community Education. Members of the advisory council advise, guide, and advocate for Community Education programs. They also help identify areas of opportunity in equity and inclusion, education, recreation, and meaningful collaboration. 

Duluth Community Education Advisory Council member qualifications

  • Connected to the Duluth Public Schools or Duluth Community

  • Available to meet four times a year

  • Committed to lifelong learning

  • Willing to share skills and expertise

  • Enthusiasm and interest in working towards Duluth Community Education’s mission and goals

  • Collaborator and works well as part of a team

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the Advisory Council, please fill out the application and you will be contacted by a Community Education staff member. Member’s will be selected based on their qualifications and availability. Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Duluth Community Education Advisory Council.



Interested in offering a class through Duluth Community Education?

We are always looking for new instructors willing to share their special skill, talent, hobby, or expertise with the community. Community Education classes are creatively designed, and flexible, because they are built around the real needs of the people in our community.  During COVID-19, we are especially interested in community instructors who are comfortable with online formats.  For more information, please contact one of our Community Education Coordinators at 218-336-8760, or email

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